What amenities are available in the Healing Haven?

Our Healing Haven offers access to all the amenities of a home for victims, survivors, and loved ones attending court proceeding and justice-related appointments. These amenities include:

  • Full-size kitchen

  • Eat-in dining room

  • Large, formal dining room

  • Comfortable living room

  • Private, sound-proofed reflection/nap room

  • Resource Library

  • Welcoming space to smudge

  • Kids area with toys and games

  • Reading nook

  • Netflix and unlimited Wifi

  • Complimentary snacks, meals, and drinks

We also invite you to bring anything that would help to make the space feel more like your own during your time here. This could be your blanket, a photograph of your loved one, activities you like, or a favourite snack. 

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