What is the rehabilitation process?

The goal of the rehabilitation process is to eventually reintegrate the offender safely into society as a law-abiding citizen, while protecting society.

Once the offender enters the institution, his or her physical and mental health are assessed. A comprehensive profile of his or her criminal and social history is completed. The problem areas which need to be addressed in order to reduce the risk of reoffending are identified. A Correctional Plan which lays out the programs and activities that are required to address these problem areas is completed. 

This plan serves as a basis to monitor the offender’s progress throughout the sentence. Offenders must follow their Correctional Plan. If they don’t, their chances of being granted parole or other conditional releases are reduced. The plan and the progress of the offender are reviewed regularly to determine whether the goals are being met and to identify any change in the offender’s risk to society. 

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