What are the benefits of speaking with the media?

An interview with the media shortly after the murder may provide you with the opportunity of telling your story from your perspective. This may be your only opportunity to express your point of view, to describe what your loved one was really like – to “get it right.” Journalists have been taught to get the victim’s side of the story and they will probably be sympathetic to you. 

  • You will have more control over the public narrative and could assist the investigation in encouraging witnesses to come forward. 

  • Your comments may prompt a more thoughtful public conversation.

  • The media can also share fundraising details to help with unexpected costs, such as funeral expenses.

After a few days, media attention may turn from the victim and the victim’s family to the murder itself, the progress in the case and possible suspects. If you do not give an interview initially, incorrect perceptions and information about your loved one’s personality or activities may be impossible for you to correct at a later date. The first time a microphone is put in your face may be the one window for you to express your feelings. 


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