What questions will the media ask me?

The most common question media will ask is "What was your loved one like?"

Think about what you want the public to know. Did you loved one have a special talent? Were they known for something in your family or community? What made them special to you?

You may also be asked:

  1. To comment on a broader societal issue, such as gun violence or dangerous driving

  2. For your reaction to case developments, such as the release of surveillance images or news of an arrest

  3. What you know about the crime 

If you were a witness, make sure you discuss answering any of these questions with your investigative team first, just in case there are areas you should avoid discussing publicly. 

Source: Pickup Communications https://www.pickupcommunications.com/resources/engaging-with-the-media-information-for-victims-amp-survivors 

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